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import logging
import inspect
from google.appengine.api import search as search_api
from google.appengine.ext import ndb

def _datetime_coverter(n, v):
    date = search_api.DateField(name=n, value=v)
    iso = search_api.TextField(name=n + '_iso', value=v.isoformat())
    return date, iso

property_to_field_map = {
    ndb.IntegerProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.NumberField(name=n, value=v),
    ndb.FloatProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.NumberField(name=n, value=v),
    ndb.BooleanProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.AtomField(name=n, value='true' if v else 'false'),
    ndb.StringProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.TextField(name=n, value=v),
    ndb.TextProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.TextField(name=n, value=v),
    # BlobProperty explicitly unindexable
    ndb.DateTimeProperty: _datetime_coverter,
    ndb.DateProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.DateField(name=n, value=v),
    ndb.TimeProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.TextField(name=n, value=v.isoformat()),
    ndb.GeoPtProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.GeoField(name=n, value=search_api.GeoPoint(, v.lon)),
    # KeyProperty explicity unindexable
    # BlobKeyProperty explicitly unindexable
    ndb.UserProperty: lambda n, v: search_api.TextField(name=n, value=unicode(v)),
    # StructuredProperty explicitly unindexable
    # LocalStructuredProperty explicitly unindexable
    # JsonProperty explicitly unindexable
    # PickleProperty explicity unindexable
    # GenericProperty explicitly unindexable
    # ComputedProperty explicitly unindexable

non_repeatable_properties = (

def default_entity_indexer(instance, properties, extra_converters=None):
    results = []

    converters = {}
    if extra_converters:

    for property in properties:
        value = getattr(instance, property)
        converted = None
        property_instance = instance._properties[property]
        property_class = property_instance.__class__
        converter = converters.get(property_class, converters.get(property, None))

        if not value or not converter:
            if property_class in (ndb.KeyProperty, ndb.BlobKeyProperty):
                logging.debug("Search utilities will not automatically index Key or BlobKey property %s" % property)

        if not property_instance._repeated:
            converted = converter(property, value)
            if not property_class in non_repeatable_properties:
                converted = [converter(property, x) for n, x in enumerate(value)]
                logging.debug("Could not automatically add field %s to the index because date and number fields can not be repeated." % property)

        if not converted:

        if isinstance(converted, (list, tuple)):

    return results

[docs]def index_entity(instance, index, only=None, exclude=None, extra_converters=None, indexer=None, callback=None): """ Adds an Model instance into full-text search indexes. :param instance: an instance of ndb.Model :param list(string) only: If provided, will only index these fields :param list(string) exclude: If provided, will not index any of these fields :param dict extra_converters: Extra map of property names or types to converter functions. :param indexer: A function that transforms properties into search index fields. :param callback: A function that will recieve (instance, fields). Fields is a map of property names to search.Field instances generated by the indexer the callback can modify this dictionary to change how the item is indexed. This is usually done in :meth:`Model.after_put <ferris.core.ndb.Model.after_put>`, for example:: def after_put(self): index(self) """ indexer = indexer if indexer else default_entity_indexer indexes = index if isinstance(index, (list, tuple)) else [index] only = only if only else [k for k in instance._properties.keys() if hasattr(instance, k)] exclude = exclude if exclude else [] properties = [x for x in only if x not in exclude] fields = indexer(instance, properties, extra_converters=extra_converters) if callback: callback(instance=instance, fields=fields) try: doc = search_api.Document(doc_id=str(instance.key.urlsafe()), fields=fields) for index_name in indexes: index = search_api.Index(name=index_name) index.put(doc) except Exception as e: logging.error("Adding model %s instance %s to the full-text index failed" % (instance.key.kind(), logging.error("Search API error: %s" % e) logging.debug([(, x.value) for x in fields])
[docs]def unindex_entity(instance_or_key, index=None): """ Removes a document from the full-text search. This is usually done in :meth:`Model.after_delete <ferris.core.ndb.Model.after_delete>`, for example:: @classmethod def after_delete(cls, key): unindex(key) """ if isinstance(instance_or_key, ndb.Model): instance_or_key = instance_or_key.key indexes = index if isinstance(index, (list, tuple)) else [index] for index_name in indexes: index = search_api.Index(name=index_name) index.delete(str(instance_or_key.urlsafe()))
[docs]def transform_to_entities(results): """ Transform a list of search results into ndb.Model entities by using the document id as the urlsafe form of the key. """ results = ndb.get_multi([ndb.Key(urlsafe=x.doc_id) for x in results]) results = [x for x in results if x] return results
def create_sort_options(field, direction='asc', default_value=None): direction_exp = search_api.SortExpression.ASCENDING if direction == 'asc' else search_api.SortExpression.DESCENDING if inspect.isfunction(default_value): default_value = default_value(field, direction) return search_api.SortOptions(expressions=[ search_api.SortExpression( expression=field, direction=direction_exp, default_value=default_value or '' ) ])
[docs]def join_query(filters, operator='AND', parenthesis=False): """ Utility function for joining muliple queries together """ operator = ' %s ' % operator filters = [x for x in filters if x] if parenthesis: filters = ["(%s)" % x for x in filters] return operator.join(filters)