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The newest version of Ferris, Ferris 3, is currently in alpha. We highly encourage anyone who is starting a new project or looking to extend an existing non-Ferris project to check it out.
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Ferris is the framework
for Google App Engine

Lightweight, customizable, model-view-controller framework written in Python to harness the power of App Engine and accelerate application development.

Ferris is free and open-source software under the Apache License Version 2.0.

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Built for App Engine

Created specifically for Google’s cloud, Ferris embraces the underlying platform and puts the power of App Engine at your fingertips. Ferris is built on top of Cloud Datastore and the native Webapp2 framework and is integrated with multiple App Engine services, including search and protorpc.

The framework also provides utilities for OAuth2, making it easy to authenticate and use Google's APIs. When you absolutely need to, it's easy to get Ferris out of your way and access App Engine services directly.

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Rapid Development

Ferris is a familiar MVC framework inspired by Rails, CakePHP and Flask that allows you to get up and running in seconds and build using conventions instead of unnecessary configuration.

We've also thrown in a fantastic, customizable and dynamic scaffold to help you create CRUD applications in seconds. Scaffold doesn't do what you want? Easily configure, replace, or augment individual actions or templates without having to give up the entire scaffold.

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Built by Sherpas

Ferris was developed by Jon Parrott and is maintained by a group of Google Cloud Platform experts at Cloud Sherpas and the open-source community.

Created out of the need to quickly build enterprise-grade applications, Ferris has been battle-tested and is continually improved to make developing on the Google Cloud Platform even easier.

Cloud Sherpas offers training, support, consulting and enterprise application development for Ferris and the Google Cloud Platform.

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